The virtual weather window

A virtual window is something that resembles a window, but through which you are viewing an artificially created scene rather than the actual outside world. This project is a virtual artificial window that gives the time and real-time weather information about that particular place taking information from Google APIs.

This is designed keeping in mind the places that lack windows or it is difficult to get weather information, like asylums, airplanes, hospitals, offices, submarines, etc.

This project does not follow a conventional design process. It is an exploration of the software, Processing 3.0 which makes use of Java language. Some images are processed in Adobe Photoshop, and some are coded on Processing. The animations have been coded on Processing.

A normal sunny day: A variable which holds the value of time, controls the position of the sun, the color of the sky, the color of the buildings, the street lights, the vehicle lights, etc.

A rainy day: Two variables, one that specifies the type of weather condition, controls the color of the sky, the other that controls the number of rain drops.

Similarly, all other weather conditions depicted are governed by two variables, one that determines the type of the weather condition and the other that determines the extremity of theweather condition.