Here are a few explorations rendered during the process of learning the softwares, Rhinoceros 5.0, T-splines, and keyshot 5.0.

The following is a concept watch, made using basic commands and surfaces. The intent was to learn about the varities of commands, and how to creatively achieve the form using the commands.

The following is a concept for an office cubicle furniture, for offices with space constraints. It can be aranged in various configurations depending on the space available and can be also converted into a conference table, with different arrangements.

The following exercise was an exploration to understand how to model a product accurately, taking measurements and represent realistically.

This juice bottle was designed taking inspiration from the 'Hala' fruit. The challenge was to maintain the same form language of the bottle in different sizes.

Modelling the engine helped get better attention to detail in terms of measuring and modelling along with sensitizing to represent wicked forms accurately.

The constraint in the following exercise was to use only the basic shapes inbuilt in the software to model an animal in its environment.

The following model is a result of the exploration with the 'Pipe command' in T-splines.